The Case for Colour

While we’re still loving minimalism and industrial styles, there’s nothing like colour to wake a workspace up!

Colour, to us, exudes an energy and character that inspires staff and motivates them day-to-day.  Any workplace that confidently uses brand colours or chooses an eclectic mix of furnishings is sure to be an invigorating place to work from.  This blog dives beyond advocating bright colours, and looks at the applications and associations with each colour.

A vibrant life

We’re especially inspired by Etsy’s HQ which combines artisan products, greenery and an abundance of colour to make a truly exceptional space.  While their business model paves the way for creativity, there’s no reason why any office couldn’t follow suit, from any industry.  Image credit

Take it back to brand

Spreetail’s Austin office is also masterful in it’s use of bold colourways.  It’s also a perfect example of how using brand colours can be very powerful if creatively directed.  We agree that colour-coordinating cushions or alternating carpet tiles may be getting a little clichéd, but who could challenge the coolness of Spreetail’s colour use?  Image credit

Colour psychology

Let’s have a quick look at the meaning behind colour choices, which are best suited to your working environment, and where best to use them…

Greens and blues

Both shades are exactly suited to the working environment, promoting a sense of calm and rest.  Greenery (planting as well as the colour!) is proven to rest the eyes from intense screen work and bring a sense of life and growth to a space.

Blue is seen to be one of the most corporate tones, and promotes productivity whilst enhancing wellbeing (the colour blue has been proven to lower heart-rates and blood pressure!).

Don’t hold back on creativity with these corporate shades though – we love the artsy vibe given to this office space with a bold wall mural in blue.

Red, Orange, Yellow

You walk into an office like the above, and immediately feel you’ve entered some sunny climes.  While in fact this co-working space is in San Fran, it could just as easily be in the heart of grey London – the atmosphere would be the same.

Yellows and oranges generate a feeling of warmth and happiness amongst staff, associating with the sun.  We recommend keeping the tones mellow, or keeping bright shades as accent colours – these can be viewed negatively (yellow is the colour of caution, and can cause eye-strain) if too bright and prominent.  If you want to includes brighter warm tones, maybe limit them to an area staff won’t linger in; a reception area,  or canteen.

Red, likewise, is a powerful tone.  It can be used to stimulate staff, and is a bold interior choice.  Once again, we recommend restraining the red tones to smaller, accent areas due to it’s powerful impact on psychology, that can quickly overwhelm or distract.  Image credit

Pink and soft pastels

Pink first came on the radar when ‘millennial pink’ was highlighted as a key interior trend.  Since then we’ve moved on from sugary sweet tones to ‘raw plaster’, and even earthy terracotta have sprung from the look.  At first seen as a complete stranger in the workplace, designs that take cues from resimercial and boutique looks have made it almost commonplace.

Relaxing, casual and cosy – a popular choice for bringing a hint of luxury to a space.  Pastel tones or pinks can often be used as a neutral, and work in many interior styles – such is their versatility.

Stick to muted monochrome

White comes under criticism from being unimaginative, clinical or too highly-reflective in the workplace environment.  It still remains, however, one of the most used shades in modern offices.  A fail-safe colour choice that pairs well with industrial or minimalist style – and helps to promote a clean, uncluttered feel.

It’s a blank neutral that can be dressed with your brand.  We especially like white interiors when softened with a unique floor, textured furnishing, or plants.


At West+Vittori, we make it our job to understand what motivates productivity and promotes wellbeing.  If you’re looking for a tailored workspace that delivers on all aspects, we’d love to help out.

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