Flexible, multi-tasking workspaces

A multi-purpose space that adapts to a variety of different tasks would be high on the checklist for many workplaces…and it’s not as out of reach as it may sound.

With our experience in creating meaningful solutions to modern workplace challenges, we come across some cool ideas for making any space work twice as hard.  Read on to discover our top five ideas for creating a flexible office environment:

Think co-working

The ‘co-working look’ has become somewhat of a buzzword in interior design recently.  Many offices are even collaborating with other companies to emulate the atmosphere of start-up hub.  Motivated individuals, a sense of the possible, and ultimately, an extremely flexible working space makes them one of the most productive places to work from.  Hot desking is especially popular, with a variety of seating types making sure there’s something for every character type, and task at hand.

In the second image, WeWork perfectly mix up different elements of an office for a creative, flexible layout.  Coffee bars rub shoulders with bistro tables (designed for hot desking as well as coffee drinking!), and larger soft seating provides a place for meetings or relaxed working.

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Clever zoning, and a seating style for every need

You can unify as many interior zones as you want through clever design, and a cohesive style running throughout.  By grouping chairs into designated areas, you can offer solutions to the different requirements of the day at work…

Bar stools and high desking create an area to perch with laptop and focus.  Sofas and visitor chairs are grounded by an area rug, perfect for discussions or innovation.  A meeting room setup is partitioned off by a glass panel to contain noise.  All unified by a industrial brick wall and exposed floorboards – there’s a lot we can learn from this space!

Configurable seating (and desking)

Large sectional sofas, small movable coffee tables – the perfect base to a multi-tasking workplace.  We love this smart, colour coordinated system; the chairs could be rearranged into a huge variety of configurations and still look amazing!  Consider also bleacher seating, or pouffe/bean bag seating for a more casual work vibe.

The concept of sit-stand desking is also trending; with the touch of a button you can transform your workstation to a healthier, standing way of working – the flexibility of two options from one furniture piece mean it’s invaluable for multi-tasking spaces.  Make the desks transportable, or equipped with power for agile working, and you’re winning the workspace game.

 Library silence

As large and all-encompassing as you make the open plan space, you need to consider a space for focused working.  Whether this be a glass sided meeting room, designated as ‘silent’, or a pod somewhere within the working space.  Collaboration, and the buzz of co-workers is great, but there are times when you need to get your head down and work, and this is often overlooked in open plan spaces.

Empty space, ironically

At first, a large, empty space seems like a wasted or unplanned area, and therefore out of place in a multi-tasking office.  However, we’ve discovered the exact contrary.  By actually planning for an empty space, you give freedom to the layout – you’re not limited to the seating arrangements, but different setups can be pulled together to suit impromptu needs.  Giving the design into the hands of your staff, they can pull out chairs, or present to colleagues in the open space – the possibilities are endless and exactly suit the working methods of the team.

To make the most from your empty space, consider transportable room dividers, stackable chairs or pull-down screens.


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