Making Meetings Great Again

A team huddle, important meeting with clients, or a group seminar – we’ve discovered the location of each is of utmost importance to the outcome of the meeting.  With executives spending up to half of their day in meeting rooms, are we maximising the results through design?

Our latest blog post covers ideas from pods to  informal open-plan meeting areas…from staff wellbeing to stand-up team collaborations.

These four walls

…Or rather, the lack of them.  One of our favourite meeting room ideas is to create informal arrangements of chairs, with a table near at hand, for meetings to take place on impulse.  Not only does this create a relaxing environment for participation to reach it’s peak, it also eliminates the need for an official ‘meeting room’.

This minimalist scheme uses soft pinks and neutrals as a warming palette; set in plenty of space, this informal meeting area looks welcoming and productive.

Consider pods

Alternatively, if you require capacity for several meetings at once, in quiet conditions, we think the above design works extremely well.   Glass fronted meeting pods come off a central breakout area, so staff can take a coffee break, and connect with the rest of the team.

The rooms carry a high-end, slick feel due to the wood-clad walls, which contrast beautifully with the cutting-edge pendant, and furniture simplicity.

Staff wellbeing

Consider the importance of staff who sit through the meetings…where the biggest decisions are made, ideas hatched and bonds are formed.

Make the team feel valued by including greenery, a coffee machine or tea point, and comfortable furniture as standard in every meeting room.  Access to natural light through windows or skylights also help lift the atmosphere of the room, and encourage wakefulness and energy – key components to a productive meeting.

Connect with the outside world

Large crittall style windows separate this boardroom from the rest of a busy office.  Seeing people rushing purposefully past gives an energy and purpose to a meeting, and connect the participants with the rest of the team.

We love the use of a single, long pendant light over the boardroom table – this is all that’s required alongside the plentiful natural light.  The sideboard and up-lighters styling the screen add a sophistication to a spacious room.  A beautiful design, classy and inspiring.

Take it sitting, or standing

Sitting wins for the majority of meetings, but for team huddles or similar, you want to keep it short and productive.  The best way to encourage this is by promoting stand-up meetings.  A great way to kick start the day and align the team’s goal and tasks!

By anchoring a meeting room around a large central table, stackable or easily transportable seating should be kept at hand but not interfere with the room design.


Check out our inspiration page for more informal and formal meeting room ideas.

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