Raising the bar

Workplace bars, teapoints, and kitchen areas are really the hub of any workplace.  It’s where the team bond, ideas are born, and problems solved.  It’s a place for productive relaxation, collaboration and motivation.  It’s where staff feel part of a brand family, feel appreciated and provided for – the key to talent attraction and retention.  All the more reason why we need to make their design something extraordinary.

This blog posts covers five inspirational tea point areas, and the lessons we can learn from each.

Bold and blue

We love the timeless design of this beautiful bar and kitchenette.  Combining with a sophisticated seating area, options are available for staff to collaborate around the table, or sit up to the bar counter.  A line of pendants over the central island is a classic yet impressive feature, while a bold colour choice brings character to the area.  Perfection in a kitchen!

Scandinavian simplicity

There’s something homely and compelling, yet very slick about this workplace kitchen.  As a bar alternative, consider having a large central table to double up as a meeting space, or eating area for a small team.  Simple block colours help keep the interior sharp, and natural wood adds an element of warmth, alongside carefully considered lighting.

Light and airy

Sometimes simplicity is best.  A minimalist countertop for staff lunches, plenty of open space, and light décor creates a calming atmosphere for the team to relax in.  We love the use of natural light through the skylights, and this is something every breakout area would benefit from.

The bar against the wall is a clever space saving idea, with drinks on shelves overhead.  Compact versions of bars and tea points mean the concept can fit into any workplace interior, regardless of size.

Brand colours

This recent project by West + Vittori made use of bold orange to brighten up a kitchen and teapoint area.  Easily wipe-able gloss grey cabinet fronts are a practical as well as on-brand option.  Colour coordinating bar stools tie the scheme together and complete a modern, contemporary space.

Create an atmosphere


Here’s a masterpiece of bar kitchen and bar design!  Giving the space the credit it deserves, this workplace has gone all out with a dark green painted bar and kitchen, exposed walls and low-hanging black pendants.

The wall mounted system is genius – allowing easy access to the every day cups and bowls, and looking great whilst doing so!  See the below image, for how the space is actually merged into a games room, giving staff the ultimate work experience.

Looking to incorporate an inspiring kitchen or bar area in your project? Contact us to find out how we can help.


Image Source for photos 1, 5 and 6.

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