Make an entrance: Inspirational reception areas

The reception area is your chance to make first impressions count.  Impress clients, inspire staff and express your brand to its utmost through the interior design of your reception.

This post covers a range of clever ideas, both fundamental and ‘out there’, to fuel your office reception design.

Make it work

If you’re lucky enough to have a large, open-plan reception area, make the most of including several zones of seating.  Large circular configurations around a coffee table work well, and can be used for impromptu meetings for staff.  Alternatively, style it as you would a lounge with facing sofas – especially effective when paired with an area rug and lamps.

In this light and airy reception space, we love the use of bright colour choices to bring an otherwise bland room to life.  A floor-to-ceiling window floods the space with plenty of natural light, while pendants provide zone lighting in strategic areas.

Hotel Luxury

No doubt you’ve been inspired by a hotel reception at some point.  The look can be perfectly replicated in a professional environment, as this image shows.

With a restricted palette of tasteful neutrals, the space has an undeniable quality and sophistication.  Refined finishes, simplistic furniture forms, and atmosphere lighting make this an entrance worthy of lasting impressions.  In particular the way the chairs and tables grouped in style spots creates a luxury yet welcoming vibe.

Embrace greenery

Livening up an industrial place with greenery can be a great way to create an awesome reception area.  This can look effective in any size or style workplace, and makes the environment relaxing and welcoming to visitors.

Ideas we especially like include a statement tree (real or artificial) taking centre place, hanging foliage over the reception desk, or a living or moss wall backdrop.

Design with the space in mind

An obvious comment, but if the space happens to be particularly narrow or unusual in shape, carry this at the forefront of the design.  In this minimalist reception area, seamless white walls and ceiling create an illusion of space.  A subtle mirror runs the length of the wall, reflecting and enlarging the room.  Wooden flooring is set in the same direction for the length of the room – a simple but clever way to ‘stretch’ the space – and flows up the wall at the end of the corridor.  A few carefully selected accessories ensure no cluttering.

Express your aesthetics

Your reception area is a chance to give voice to the company’s aesthetics.  Make them big, make them loud – it’s everyone’s first impression, so create something memorable.  Consider a feature wall behind the reception desk, with a large wall mural or patterned tiles.

In the fun reception area shown above, raw concrete and neutral stone tiles allow the backdrop to really pop.  A colourful and eclectic print of exotic leaves and animals give the space a refreshingly quirky feel.


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