Bring life and character into your workplace

Greyscale offices of old, where the people provided the only colour, are dead.  To attract and retain talent, and give staff a beautiful work experience, you need to infuse life, colour and character into your workplace.

Below is our favourite ideas for making your office cool, inspirational, and creative:

Room with a view

Breathe life into your interiors by making floor-to-ceiling windows part of your design.  Whether it be an iconic London landscape or a relaxed country setting…  you’ll have the biophilic connection with the great outdoors, and constant inspiration from the changing scenery around you.  If your neighbourhood isn’t particularly good looking, consider a large roof light, or a wall mural that inspires the team.

Details count

However bare, bland or boring your existing space is, there’s nothing that finishes can’t fix!  Crisp glass partitioning, patterned or woven carpets, wood-clad walls…  By thinking outside the box when it comes to the little details, you can breathe life and character to any space.  Try layering up textures and warm neutrals for a look that’s bang on trend for 2019.

In with artists

It’s time to recognise the creatives that surround us.  If your workspace has artistic staff or connections, or has something creative to play with – utilise it.  Each brand is drawn to completely different styles but, whatever you choose, the concept is hugely impactful in a reception or breakout area. Why not consider: a delicately illustrated map of your iconic location, and spray-painted ‘street art’ wall inspired by your company, or a handrawn set of company values?

Creativity inspires creativity, and there’s no way to capture creative vibes better than to employ hands-on work from artisans.

Theme your space

Ok, so we’re not talking pirates or farms, but something slightly more sophisticated!  So often we hear the clients try to describe their interior vision: ‘hollywood glamour’, ‘gentleman’s club vibes’, ‘luxury penthouse’ without imagining the scheme in it’s entirety.  By closely referencing the key furniture pieces, colour and material choices present, it’s more than possible… it’s highly effective!  Including fantastical elements such as outdoor party lights, statues, or jungle-type planting – you can have a whimsy and imagination in your space that makes it stand apart from others.

Maybe you fancy yourself fashionistas of the top set?  Or a set of old English gentlemen?  Have fun with your vision and theme your space to suit!

Colouring in

Whatever your brand image, use the key colours or complementary shades to the maximum.  Soft pastels, as in this large breakout area, complement many styles and go well with the warm neutrals that are big in interiors for 2019.  Alternatively, shout louder with bright shades and pops of colour that will wake up the office completely, and create a fun and lively atmosphere.

By championing your brand colours, you’ll bring colour and life into your office.  The question is stepping away from the neutral norms in furniture and opting for something a little more daring or meaningful.


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