5 ways to improve staff experience

Talent attraction and retention is a big thing on every manager’s mind, and we’re beginning to find it’s all about the little things. 

Ok, so motivation, recognition and the culture go a long way in securing staff and promoting loyalty…but what about the environment they work in each and every day? Here’s a roundup of our best ideas to create an office staff will not only beg to enter, but will never want to leave!  Too drastic?  You judge…

A central (and essential) teapoint or bar

Whether you choose to recreate an artisan coffee shop, or a cutting edge bar, staff will love you for it.  In smaller office spaces, an investment in a quality coffee machine can make a huge difference, or maybe offering drinks on the house every Friday.  Larger spaces though, command more consideration. 

Creating a designated area for staff to relax and enjoy a drink with fellow team members will boost collaboration time, strengthen internal team links, and most importantly, make them feel like they matter.

Task-designated zones

Nothing is more frustrating than being stuck in a collaborative area if you’re trying to concentrate.  Or silent offices if you’re wanting to bounce ideas off others.  Smart offices combine task-designated areas through area zoning, meaning there’s always the perfect space for the job at hand.

We’re seeing increasing variations on the huddle or 2-4 person meeting place, as well as many breakout orientated workspaces.  The trick is to bring the different stations together cohesively, requiring a clever interior design, and a planned ‘flow’ between them.

Space to think

There’s a shift toward towards minimalist and ‘clean’ feel interiors.  Gone are the days of desks piled high with personal photos, plants and coffee cups.  We’re in an age of agile working, and less is definitely more when moving from space to space.  Progressive interiors these days incorporate desktop power as a norm, area lighting, and concealed storage. 

While paperless is definitely the long-term answer, the inevitable clutter that builds in an office can be distracting and demotivating to staff.  By keeping this completely clear or well stored, it promotes a refreshing space to think and innovate in.

Theory aside, how beautiful is this refined wall system, with it’s inbuilt storage, screens, and individual seating pods?

Invest in the best

Investing in the everyday items such as office chairs, screens, and desking might seem pointless or certainly less important than ‘that reception light’.  From your staff’s viewpoint though, the tables should be turned.  Although visual statements will no doubt be appreciated, and add to the compelling workplace vibes, it’s the enduring comfort of the chairs they sit in every day, the reliability of their monitor, and features such as high-low desking that will really make a lasting impact. 

Consider investing in these key pieces first rather than ‘making do’, and then allocating a budget across other statement pieces.

Play hard

It’s time to celebrate a milestone, a big win or a Friday afternoon.  Where does everyone head to do it in style?  A well-designed breakout area, with relaxed seating, games areas, and recreational atmosphere plays a key part in convincing staff that their company is the best place to work!  Whatever style you choose to reflect your brand, your offices should incorporate a breakout area to ‘play’ in. 

Look to the office spaces of Google and other big guys to see astro-turfed interiors, swings and slides, and running tracks.  Staff feel relaxed and valued, building important links with colleagues and frequently producing the best ideas in recreation.   

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