Revisiting the 70’s

Are we the only ones with an increasing sense that everything new and 2019 is reminiscent of the iconic 70’s era?  Curved furniture, cane, wicker and light wood finishes… retro shades of teal, mustard and terracotta.  2019’s re-interpretation is has a polished, sophisticated spin on the old, which brings the 70’s style sharply into focus, and makes it work in any modern interior.

This post is a collection of our favourite applications of the 70’s look in the modern day workplace:

Colour palette

The 70’s colour palette of warm mustard, dusky rose and terracotta orange is back in full swing, with lighter and more neutral earthy tones also prevailing.  As people look to live simpler lives and reconnect with nature, typical 70’s finishes such as timber, bamboo, brick and terrazzo are becoming popular choices and pair well with the palette.

Saturation (in moderation)

We haven’t forgotten the bold and brash side of the 70’s; the hot pinks and neon oranges that originated with the disco age.  Saturated shades are seeing a resurgence in 2019, but always in good taste, and often in moderation.  We love the subtle bursts of orange seen in the chair cushions of the above breakout area.  Large area rugs, as seen here, are also having a moment – a reinterpretation of the large, shagpile rugs that covered the 70’s.

A West + Vittori project nearing completion uses a bold, saturated orange as a feature colour in their breakout space, see below.

Gone to the jungle.  Be back soon

The 70’s was the era of houseplants, and while we may have left the macramé planters where they belong, we can’t get enough of planting indoors.  While incorporating greenery into an office space boasts numerous benefits, we’re loving this year’s take on the trend. 

Translating the patterns of nature onto artwork, wallpaper or tiles is a featuresome nod to the power of biophilia.  We especially love the fauna and flora backdrop of the above slick reception area, very on trend!

Otherwise, we’re looking for alternative ways to display planting, such as the clever room divider system shown above.  In it’s light wood finish, and minimal lines, the system is completely on trend and serves a purpose in an open plan office.  Gone are small and scattered succulents, and we’re in with large-leafed jungle feel plants displayed innovatively or incorporated into furniture.

The finishes of the moment

Chrome, with it’s purity of finish and ‘liquidity’, is back for good.  The metal featured heavily in the 70’s and so it feels a natural progression from the initial copper craze, and then brass (both brushed and then high-shine).  While gold tones and brass certainly haven’t died, it’s time for chrome to shine.  Designers are seeing a new beauty in it’s pure reflectiveness, and the finish lends itself perfectly to a sleeker look in interiors.  It pairs perfectly with warm colours, and rich woods for a timeless and clean look.

Rounded shapes

Inevitably, with neutral tones, and soft upholstered furniture, come curving shapes.  We’re seeing low-lying modular sofas, bold circular tables and meeting chairs such as the above image, all with a gentle form and no harsh corners.

While this look is prevalent across interiors, it can be successfully contrasted with sharp lines and straight edges.  It is also especially successful when extracted from the busy surroundings of the 70’s, and placed in a minimalist environment for 2019 – really making a feature of each furniture design.

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