Break out of the traditional office

Giving staff the power to choose where and how they work has been proven to seriously improve wellbeing and their perception of their job. Breakout areas are becoming increasingly popular, as spaces for collaboration between the team.

Creating informal spaces within the office environment, where staff can relax and share ideas helps to nurture relationships between members of your team and create positive morale. It is much more than just an area where staff can re-charge their batteries; it is an opportunity to create a multi-functional space that can help projects gather pace and reduce the demand on meeting rooms.

Meetings carried out in more informal areas can be better for idea generation and break out spaces also provide the chance for individuals from different parts of the business to mix, often resulting in a cross-pollination of ideas and a more collaborative approach to work.

So banish thoughts of bean bags and think about how your office could benefit from a well-designed break out area.


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