Who let the brand out?

As 2019 seems to be heavily focused on finding and expressing your personal style, we believe the same principles should be applied to workplace design.

Every brand has an image, a culture and a team attached to it.  Instead of compressing the personality into a grey-and-white, chair-and-desk office of old, why not express it through your office design?

Not only does this increase staff loyalty and brand pride, it also relaxes the conforming boundaries of ‘work’ and gives a sense of creative freedom that will inspire the whole workforce.

This post is a roundup of some of our favourite ideas for finding your voice:

Green with envy

If your company is proud of being eco-friendly and caring for the environment, why not express it through the incorporation of natural materials or greenery?  Biophilia shows no signs of fading as a trend and proves massive benefits such as a 14% reduced absenteeism.  As well as boosting staff creativity and productivity, it is also a beautiful enhancement to any space.  Consider moss walls, pot plants or even hanging foliage as pictured.

Colour code

Powerful brand colours?  Then why not design your office to suit?  By picking a bold, cohesive palette of 2-4 colours, and building an interior based on these, it will become undeniably you.  Seat upholstery, wall colours, carpet for area zoning… the options are endless.  Filling a space unashamedly with your colours will not only make it unique to your company, but will create a strong affinity between the brand and the staff working in the environment.

Capture the culture

Whatever your company’s aesthetic, does your office décor reflect this to the extreme?  At West + Vittori we often draw on mood images to really capture the client’s look and feel, but it really comes down to your tone of voice, and the characters of the team.  If the brand has a light and airy Scandi appeal, it makes sense to keep the design minimalist and pure.  Most brands however, have a more complex, layered feel – why not have a team brainstorm to determine the ‘look’ that most expresses your mood?

Give space to breakout

It’s the people that make the brand.  Every member of the team is a little part of the big picture, and by providing them with a space to collaborate and release their creativity, you’re giving expression to your brand.  Large communal areas or fun breakout zones are on the increase, with a focus on flexible working for staff.  Bleacher benches, comfy seating, or even gathered around a coffee bar…each creates a visual impact whilst boosting the working environment.

Coin a phrase

Maybe there’s a catchphrase in the company, an expression or humorous law that lives in the staff.  Maybe it’s your principles, goals, or words from the founder.  We find that by extracting these words and emblazoning them on walls, you can create as fun or inspiring a mood as wanted in a workplace.  Even an artwork symbolic of the company or it’s roots can give a character to a space like nothing else.  It’s not just a pretty picture – the chosen phrase or artwork will resonate with staff and visitors every day as they see something meaningful to them.


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